Baan Dinlamun-Boutique Resort

Baan Dinlamun


 Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand


Nowaday everybody is seem to be busy, a lot of technology come to our life,

we know that we would like to go and grow,

we would like to flight, find and force,

the inside of us is never slept.

Our life is alway busy ane busy.


Baan Dinlamun Resort was made from clay (cob cottage style),

we would like to let you sleep well,

we would like to let your life slowly,

we would like to let you touch the natural.


That is something about Baan Dinlamun Resort.

We have a lot of thing to tell you but we can't write it all,

we would like to invite you here,

the natural will tell you all.


Very warm welcome,

Baan dinlamun resort